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We have two tubs that are for up to two people to share they are filled with around 107cmLarge Hot tub of water and kept to a temperature of between 40`c and 41`c. Average sized people when seated in these tubs are immersed to their neck in swirling therapeutic water. This is a great way to immediately warm the entire muscular structure of your body and start relaxing.

Our third hot tub holds nine people comfortably. It is filled with around 107cm of water that is kept at a temperature of between 39`c and 40`c. In this hot tub an average sized person is immersed to their chest in swirling therapeutic water. Because this hot tub is one degree cooler than the two seated hot tubs it can be used to spend more time in. This allows people to converse and be more sociable as one degree at these temperatures makes a vast difference.

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Hot tubs are great for muscle pain, back ache, and a general warming of your body in a way your bath could never achieve. Leave your towel on the rails provided; take a seat in the swirling waters and relax. Don’t over do it, listen to your body, when you have had enough get out slowly and cool your core body temperature down remember to regularly rehydrate.

The hot tubs at BGHS are constructed to our design. They are fully tiled throughout and contain four and six powerful massage jets respectively.

Hygiene is paramount to all of our facilities designs and is our company`s ethos. The water within our hot tubs is brominated and not chlorinated. All the hot tub water passes through two sieve like sumps, a basket filter and a sand filter. It takes approximately 7 minutes for all the water to pass through the filtration system. We have an extensive cleaning regime and various testing processes that occur a minimum of three times a day to ensure the quality of our water.

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