Our Jacuzzi comfortably seats 9 people. It is filled with approximately 80cm of water and is kept to a temperature between 38`c and 39`c. It has 8 jets that are connected to not only a powerful air blower but also to a separate massage jet circuit. An average sized person when seated in this Jacuzzi is immersed to their chest in not only swirling therapeutic water but is also pummelled with invigorating air jets.

BGHS  JacuzziOur air jets are so invigorating we have them on a timer system so you can fully enjoy the power of our system without the worry of over doing it.

When the air jets turn off the water massage jets continue. This provides you with another temperature of hot tub and a wonderful contrast to the bodies senses from torrents of white water to a smooth swirling massage.

Jacuzzis are well reputed in medical circles to help with muscular aches and pains. The vibration of air and water on tense muscles confuses the brain into releasing muscular spasms. Even if you have not got aches and pains customer testimony is that our Jacuzzi is a wonderful way to relax.

The Jacuzzi at BGHS is constructed to our own design. It is fully tiled throughout.  Hygiene is paramount to all of our facilities designs and is our company`s ethos. The water within our Jacuzzi is brominated not chlorinated. All the water passes through two sieve like sumps, a basket filter and a sand filter. This is one of the advantages of a commissioned Jacuzzi as it is not standard practice for these facilities to have such an intense filtration system. We have an extensive cleaning regime and various testing processes, which occur a minimum of three times a day, to ensure the quality of our water. We are also tested by an independent water quality company to confirm our stringent water maintenance program is effective.

Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

EST. 1985

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