At BGHS we have three lounges.

BGHS LoungeOur main lounge is the refreshment lounge. This area is filled with sumptuous leather sofas and atmospheric lighting. It is ideal for relaxing in, whether you want to eat or drink or just socialize, there are magazines to read conversations to have and jokes to tell, it is a great place to put the world to right

BGHS Refreshments barAlong the width of the room runs a raised balustrade section filled with mosaic bistro style tables and chairs. The area is flooded with natural light from our individually designed glass lantern roof. Here you can eat and drink.  The refreshment lounge is the hub of your stay at BGHS.

Our second lounge is across the corridor to the main lounge. Luxuriously decorated in dark oak paneling, tasteful fantasy art and sumptuous leather sofas, all lit with subdued lighting. You may eat and drink here and all in front of our large widescreen TV.

Our third lounge is located on the first floor of BGHS it is our library area. There are more sumptuous leather sofas, shelves of books to choose from, playing cards or backgammon to play with. The whole area is filled with ambient chill out music.

BGHS Library

The etiquette of this floor is one of quiet and calm a real sanctuary away from the hubbub of life.

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EST. 1985

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