Here you will find information that will help you to align with the philosophy at BGHS and have an even more pleasurable visit.

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Please read the RULES!! Failure to read, understand and comply with the rules of BGHS could result in you being asked to leave without refund and in some cases being refused re-entry. Not knowing the rules will not be useable as an excuse. So please make sure you are aware of the do’s and don’ts.

To create a safer and more enjoyable environment, at Bristol Gardens Health Spa and to avoid offending others, we ask you to read and understand the following points.

For your safety and that of those around you, please inform us of any medical condition you have, that could be aggravated by using the Health Spa, i.e; heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, severe asthma etc. The information you provide will be treated in confidence. Please seek medical advice if you are unsure whether your condition will be affected by the Spa environment.

Although a member of staff will be present around the building at all times, we ask you to be aware of your own environment. If you start to feel unwell or dizzy, let someone know immediately. Do not hide away and hope it will pass. We encourage you to let us know of anyone’s behaviour, which may make them a danger or a nuisance to themselves, others or the building. Anything you say will be treated in confidence.

There is a brief list of rules inside each locker and a more comprehensive copy placed around the lounge areas. Please take time to read and understand these rules. Anyone found breaking the rules will be asked to amend their behaviour or asked to leave. Ignorance of the rules is not a defence! Please ask any member of staff for a copy if you are having trouble locating one yourself.


No refunds will be given. Especially, to anyone who is asked to leave due to breaking the rules.


We will not tolerate any aggressive behaviour towards our staff or customers. Any aggressive behaviour will result in a ban or prosecution.


Bristol Gardens Health Spa is run by Angie and Sam, please ask to speak to them if you wish to discuss any of these points further. Admission will be refused to anyone suspected of being under the influence of drink or drugs. We reserve the right to refuse admission.

We hope you enjoy your stay at BGHS.


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Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

EST. 1985

24/26 Bristol Gardens

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