December 2014 Newsletter

The Ice rink is back and the twinkly lights are up, the music is repetitively cheery and the adverts are making me cry, (damn penguin!) it can only mean one thing! Christmas time!!!

I am particularly looking forward to it this year. Mainly because I have two little ones who are enchanted by the magic of it all and the buzz in the air, but I’m also looking forward to some well-deserved family time off.  BGHS closes just 5 days a year over Christmas and New Year, (see end of newsletter for details) and since we are a family run business this means that these are the only days we can all get together and relax and have fun without one of us being at work so we all look forward to it a lot.

2014 has been a great year for us! It has truly been a pleasure to see most of you gorgeous regulars! J We have also welcomed so many newbies to our world this year which has kept the staff fit with all those guided tours!! Lol!  

So on to BGHS news:

I’ll start with a little boasting but it should be reassuring for you as well.

I’m pleased to say that we recently had our annual inspection from the environmental health and as expected we passed with flying colours.

Same goes for the recent independent water quality tests that we have. All pools have passed in the extremely satisfied category.

Thank you to all the supportive reviewers on Trip advisor. Those of you that have read my previous newsletters will know of the Trip advisor saga! To summarise: We can pretty much pin point to a high degree of accuracy exactly when a bad review will appear. It normally happens about 24 hours after we have asked someone to leave for antisocial behaviour and breaking the rules and the review they leave generally has little or no truth in it. However, Trip Ads free speech policy doesn’t really include a truth policy so when I right my reply telling the facts they delete them as it doesn’t fit in with their policy on right to reply. Go figure the logic in their company!!  Anyway… thanks to  our wonderful loyal and happy customers,  we have majority happy customer reviews and so we feel very honoured that you took the time out to support us. Cheers! 

Now onto some parking news!

Brighton Council are having some free car parking days at some of the city’s car parks leading up to Christmas. It is worth checking the council website to get the finer details on which days and which car parks are participating. You can then make the most of them by doing a little shopping and then escaping the madness by coming to us for a relaxing, unwinding chill out or just skip the shopping and escape here for the day, we won’t tell!!

Whilst I’m on the subject of parking. I noticed today that near the Gas works at the bottom of Bristol Gardens on Marina way they are advertising all day parking for just £5. It’s a short walk from us and maybe easier than having to keep an eye out for the time the meter runs out.

Maintenance news!

Now… I know some of you have noticed a “few” tiles missing from the bottom of the pool again. This was as you may remember only worked on recently. We tried to use a new product which should have meant less curing time and a quicker job turnover but for some reason it didn’t work and the tiles have begun to come up again. This means that we will have to start all over again.  Ufff! We’re going to go back to the old products and although they are harder to work with and take longer to cure, they should stop us from having to do this again for a while.  Work should be starting on 26th January 2015 for approx. a week, if all goes to plan. During this time we will convert the large hot tub into a plunge pool as I know from last time this was a popular move.

We have also recently changing over one of the showers to a newer more powerful model, which we are just testing for a while before converting the remaining ones over. So far it has been positively received which is encouraging.

At the beginning of December we are having new flooring installed in the changing area, massage room and entrance lobby. So look out for the new look, hope you like it. We will also be replacing the sofas in the main lounge area at the beginning of next year.

Plans are now being discussed for the redesign of the first rest room as you enter the area. This will start at the beginning of next year too alongside some renovating of the mirror room walls with an exciting new finish.

About a month ago we took our website and forum pages offline at short notice in order to deal with a new generation of hacking robots that were knocking at the door of our website. Whilst those problems were resolved we took the opportunity to upgrade some software and generally change some rather techy things over to other techy things. As you can probably gather it wasn’t me that did it!! Anyway… it so happens that one techy thing didn’t quite go to plan and we hadn’t been receiving notifications from some of you trying to join our forum pages. This has now been resolved and we have hopefully gone back through the list of requests and activated those accounts. If you were one of those people trying to join with no success try again now and you should be ok. If not then you can always email me directly at the main contact BGHS email. If you have seen the forum recently you’ll notice the backdrop has changed. This is also only temporary and will hopefully soon be black and gold again. Rest assured though it is working as normal, just looks a bit different for now.

So this brings me to the final part of this Newsletter and a reminder of those Christmas dates….

We will be closing this year on the same days as normal which are as follows:

Wednesday 24th December 2014

Thursday 25th December 2014

Friday 26th December 2014


Wednesday 31st December 2014

Thursday 1st January 2015


All other days we will be open as normal and look forward to spending them with you!

We are normally fairly busy on the open days so if you wanted to book yourself in for a Pre-Christmas / post party massage then I suggest you book early as spaces are limited.

We also have gift vouchers available to buy this Christmas for anyone wanting to treat someone to a day of tranquil relaxation and escapism. This can be for massage or entrance fee or both. All you need to do is contact our reception if you wish to buy them direct or we can send them to you if you contact us via email.


Oh yes …. there will be mince pies again this year and possibly Santa hats as usual, so come in and visit us and claim your lovingly baked yule time freebie! We promise not to play any Slade, Pogues or Cliff!!

Also look out for my Selfridges inspired window display new for 2014!

So this just leaves me with one very last thing and that is, on behalf of all of us here at BGHS we would like to thank you for spending so much of 2014 with us and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year and we hope we can spend more time with you wet and warm in the world of BGHS in 2015.

Take care of yourselves and we shall see you soon.





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