Notice of Road Closure


Hi everyone :)

Just to let you know that Bristol Gardens, the road, not us :) is going to be closed at the junction with Manor Road (this is the top end of the road) from the 6th October 2014 for up to three weeks.  

They are laying new sewer pipes into the development on the corner of Bristol Gardens and Manor Road, so it is the road that is closed but there is still pedestrian access from that end. If you are driving to BGHS you can enter Bristol Gardens from the junction at Bristol Place and Arundel Road.

See you all soon.


BGHS Autumn Newsletter

Wow! What a summer that was! :) The driest September since records began in 1910 and August the eighth wettest on record. Although now the season has turned BGHS still managed to have all the beds out on the sundeck full on October 3rd!

BGHS has been booming all summer. With the fabulous weather bringing people to Brighton on “Staycations” it has bought us Newbies on a daily basis coming in to check us out for their winter month retreat. Luckily for us on the coast there is always a breeze, so even on those days when it was windy but the skies were blue we have been full of people using the suntrap of our sundeck…………quite a lot of people seem to have had extended lunch breaks these last few months LOL.

Brighton as a town has been buzzing with amazing events this summer, the fabulous Brighton Pride, The Colour Run, Speed Trials, Ace Café Reunion and the seventh stage of the Tour of Britain cycle race. Check out the Visit Brighton website to see what events are coming up then maybe you could make an extended visit to this vibrant city and combine it with the relaxation of a visit to BGHS.

Updates on our team are that Katerina has now completed her maternity leave and has decided that there are to be more little Kats in the future so sadly she won’t be returning to us. We wish her well :) Time flies as we all know but the development of children is always a feel good way to see time passing! Lucka`s little girl is just starting nursery; Angies son, my gorgeous Nephew is just starting pre-school and Angies daughter, my beautiful Niece has just turned one!! :)

So BGHS has achieved over the last few months a refurbished stock and staff area; and a redefined Managers area. The last fish hung on to the bitter end, coming back to life three times and then was ceremoniously flushed when confirmed no more! The tank is now temporarily filled; to squash various rumours it will not be filled with snakes or spiders and it’s not Cyd’s new play pen! We have some big plans for that space but we are holding off for the minute to build up reserves, mainly in energy :)

BGHS has also upgraded the small steam room generator and renewed all the pipe work from 15mm to 22mm. This means we can now create an incredible head of steam at the same set temperature. We have a second generator waiting to create the same effect in the large steam room. This will all be completed out of business hours in the upcoming months.

The solarium is freshly decorated with a blue marbleised ceiling and crisp white walls. This has all been done in materials that are designed to withstand the enveloping heat and humidity that fills BGHS.

In the next few months we intend to refurbish the showers with new heads and controls; continue refurbishing the laundry area and staff areas and then towards late winter early spring we will re-tile the pool and start redesigning another rest room.

What we guarantee you is that our aim is to constantly reinvest in BGHS, to keep it to the exceptional standards we have achieved, standards we are so very proud of. We want you to enjoy your valuable relaxation time with us in style.

We are the Uk`s Premier Naturist Health Spa.


So as we head into deepest darkest winter, with short days and cold weather, it’s nothing to be down about, it just brings us all together :)


We hope to continue to spend the upcoming months warm and wet with you.


Autumn salutations to you all…………I’ll leave the Ho Ho Ho to a later update! :)






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