Summer newsletter

Hello everyone!

We are now officially in Summer!!   The sundeck has had quite a bit of use recently especially as that wind is still a little chilly, so it’s been the perfect shelter up there for those in-between days. Hopefully the Summer has just started and not just because the date tells us so.

As a family we’ve been busy with birthdays and holidays and as some of you know we’ve had some testing days too but we’re all ok and we’re all fit and healthy and looking forward to the summer together. Although I will be sadder than most when it ends as my son will be starting school, yes…I know it was a shock to me too how fast time has gone. It feels like only yesterday I was breaking the news to you all that my growing size was not due to eating all the cakes! (well…those that hadn’t guessed).   I personally intend to make the most out of my summer with them!

We’ve been working hard at BGHS on all sorts of projects, most of which have been to modernise and update various areas, not only keep them compliant but to help us maintain the high standards you’ve come to know us for. Amongst a lot of the work behind the scenes that you haven’t seen, such as painting woodwork and windows and replacing fuse boards and testing our entire electrical system (not an easy or quick job!!) etc..  We have also re-grouted the showers, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, hot tubs and as you know from previous letter the Pool. We’ve replaced doors and roof hatches and rescued baby seagulls trapped in vents and a whole list of other random sometimes, bizarre but mostly rewarding jobs. Never a dull moment here!

We’ve also been training new staff and improving the communication between us all, so we are always in touch with the latest need to knows and events of BGHS. This hopefully offers continuity on your visits and assures you that no matter who is working you will always have the same level attention to detail.

I’m very sad to say that Magda will be leaving us soon as she sets off on a return journey to her homeland. She has been a firm fixture here at BGHS since 2008 and has grown and changed with us and I know I’m not alone when I say, she will be sorely missed to say the least. We personally wish her all the very best but hope this isn’t the last we ever see of her. Good luck!

As some of you regulars know we have recently had the strongest reminder yet that things do not stay the same forever, they change, they grow and they often do it suddenly and without notice so instead of my usual newsletter telling you all about the things that we are going to do and the plans we have for the spa I’m just going to assure you that we will always move forward and improve and grow and we hope that you are with us on that journey too. Enjoy the changes we make, when they happen. Enjoy every moment and take time out to relax it is more important than you think.

Sam and I and our team, as usual hope to see you throughout the next few (hopefully) warm and sunny months and shares some laughs and jokes with our regulars, catch up with those we haven’t seen for a while and of course  look forward to meeting those that have yet to experience the World of BGHS.  Hopefully we will see all of you soon.

Take care





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