Tuesday 24th February 2015

Hello everyone.

Here’s the latest update from the world according to BGHS!

We have some more maintenance work pending next month on some of the facilities.

I will try to keep you up to date as much as possible but there is a lot going on in the spa and behind the scenes with maintenance work and refurbishment happening all over the place.

Key dates for you to know though are Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March which is when we are re grouting one of the small hot tubs, we lovingly know it as Pool 4 but that might not mean anything to you. This will mean that that pool only will be out of action for a day or two. We still have 2 other hot tubs open and running as normal so shouldn’t make any big impacts to your visit. We are also re grouting the shower near the smaller steam room so that too will be out of action for a short while. The private changing room is also having a facelift so again that will be temporarily out of action around the same time but obviously one job will be following the next so that is as accurate as I can get for today.

Due to the very early starts getting these jobs done will entail, we have tried to get everyone into work on the same day. This means that on the 18th and 19th March we will also be working on the mirror room and restroom corridors but only the early part of the day so it will be available to use within the first few hours of the day. There will be lots more work happening during that week such as new doors and lights being fitted but this will all happen outside of our opening hours or in the staff areas of the spa.

Those of you who frequent a Monday, will know that this is the day the Jacuzzi gets a deep clean and empty so is often not available till around 1.30pm. However on Monday 23rd March it will be closed for the whole day due to….. yes you’ve guessed it some more grouting!

There is a lot going on over that week and I know it will cause some disruption to some of you but it is essential work that has to be done for us to maintain the high standards of cleanliness and water quality that we insist on providing you. So I can only apologise in advance and hopefully reassure you that we will do everything possible to keep the inconvenience to a minimum. Because of the duplication of facilities that we have we can make sure that even during these moments of maintenance there will still be all facilities available for you to enjoy with the exception of the Jacuzzi.

I will try to update you regularly on Facebook, the forum and our website but if you are concerned and want to know more about what is currently being worked on then you are welcome to call our reception on 01273 698904 or email us directly and we will give you as much information and updates as possible.

For now everything is up and running and warm and wet so if you’re fed up of the snow showers and sleet or you just feel like hanging out (no pun intended) and chillaxing as they say, then we welcome you in to the world of BGHS!!

See you soon!



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