Autumn Newsletter.

Hello to you all!

This is the time of year where we try hard to still go out in our flip flops and hold on to the hope of being able to plan an outdoor activity but usually, alas, need a backup plan. It’s the time of year that at 5 o clock it feels like 10 as the nights get darker! We pine for those summer evenings and charcoal covered food and cringe at the idea of seeing the first glimpse of Xmas paraphernalia hit the shops, knowing full well that the impending pressure of Christmas is just around the corner!

Well of course that is apart from when you visit BGHS! You see we’re the same all year. We always have that totally immersive feeling of warmth and comfort when you walk through the door. We have the relaxation you normally only find on holiday and the friendliness you’d expect when the sun is shining and everyone’s in a good mood! The sundecks still open so you can catch those fleeting glimpses of being outside au naturel whenever the sun decides to shine without the need to keep adding and removing layers every time the clouds come over. It’s a safe paradise of relaxation and escape and as the nights draw in and the days get colder it is the only place to be to escape it all.

So what’s the latest news I hear you ask….

Well… as you know Magda has now left and flown home and although she is doing well and settling in nicely she is desperately missing everyone and sends her best wishes to you all.

The new team has now been formed and I am happy to announce that Lola and Ema are now representing us as Managers of BGHS alongside Lucie, who you all have known for years. We have also now got two assistant managers in the form of Cat and Maria who will be supporting the team. We all get along extremely well and have great communication structures in place so hopefully you will have continuity in your experiences and visits to BGHS and superb customer care. Sam and I as always are here at all times overseeing it all to make sure we continue to keep the high standards we are so known for.

Being married to a techy nerd I have been unavoidably dragged into the new way of paying for things via apple pay. I have to say that in my inexperienced view it has been so much easier to use my phone (which is normally easier to find than my wallet) to pay for items.  So….. for those of you with the ability and set up to do this we have made this option available to you here at BGHS. Just tell the receptionist you wish to use apple pay and we will process the payment that way.  

From 1st October 2015 we will be raising our entrance fee just £1 per person to £21 for single entrance and £32 for a mixed couple. This is the first time we have done this in 2 ½ years and although we would love to keep things as they are, all those who have seen the news recently, will know of all the extra financial demands being made on businesses that means the time has come to reassess.  We thank you for your support on this and the positive response in which the news has been received.

We will as always continue to provide you with exceptional facilities and we look forward to seeing you all over the coming months as you escape into the world of BGHS.

Take care



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