Our Philosophy,

If the name “health spa” is new to you, think of the old Roman baths 2000 years ago and bring it up to date, that is what Bristol Gardens Health Spa is all about.

Over 2000 years ago, the Romans knew a thing or two about enjoying life to the full. When the stress of living a hectic life became too much, they would pop to the local baths and spend a day relaxing in the hot springs or being pampered with a massage. Even when they were in foreign climes they built a Roman bath because they knew the therapeutic value of hot water and relaxation. The baths became an important part of Roman life.  Part of that importance was the chance to meet other people, discuss the views of the day, tell a joke or two and generally put the World to rights.

We have over 7000 square feet of facilities, lay back in one of our hot tubs and enjoy the relaxation you deserve after a hard day’s work.  Try one of our steam rooms, fully tiled just like the Romans made them, or would you prefer the dry heat of our two pine clad saunas?  If you like the invigorating hot bubbling water of the Jacuzzi we have one for your use. Swim in our pool, meet new friends, read a magazine or get away from it all in one of our private rest rooms.  The decision is yours; there is no need to rush…..

Here at Bristol Gardens Health Spa we are the modern day Roman baths.  Like the Romans we do not allow costumes. We are a sanctuary for adults to escape the outside world. We provide a place where you can enjoy the levelling freedom of being without clothes. Take advantage of the many physical benefits of releasing your body from the constraints of elastic and waistbands that our bodies are contained in for most of our waking hours.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa is a family run business, it is our lifestyle. We just ask of you to come and join The World of BGHS……

It is time to unwind!


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Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

EST. 1985

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