The rest room area almost fills the entire first floor of BGHS. There is a half glazed door, with a sign, that leads you into an area containing eight different style and shape rooms. The area Mirror Roomas a whole is dry, warm and piped with ambient chill out music.  Six of the rest rooms have doors with locks on to give that feeling of privacy. The other two rest rooms are much larger areas that have no doors and therefore cannot be locked. They are designed with comfort and the choice of sociability or privacy in mind.

The staff of BGHS do not enter this area. It is designed to give you one area away from us! However the management will uphold the rules of BGHS and the standards.  In the event of anyone trying to do something that is socially unacceptable i.e. invading someOcean Roomone’s personal space or dangerous to others i.e. trying to smoke in this area, the management will enter and remove that person/s from the building.  We believe in treating people like responsible adults and removing those who have not grown up yet.  Enforcing this principle over twenty years we have found ourselves filled with like minded people.

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Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

Bristol Gardens Health Spa.
EST. 1985
It's time to relax.

EST. 1985

24/26 Bristol Gardens

01273 698904

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