Best Sauna in Brighton

At BGHS we have two saunas.

The first of our saunas is situated by our pool and has a window that overlooks the water. It has two tiers and is fully pine clad. It seats 20 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 65`c mid air. The higher tier reaches temperatures of 70`c or you can relax at a less intense heat on the lower tier of 60`c. Because we provide you with an option of the steam rooms wet heat, we keep the saunas air dry. That is why we do not provide water for you to sprinkle on the coals.

The main purpose of placing water on the coals is to momentarily change the humidity of the air and therefore the sensation of heat. We do periodically sprinkle the coals with essential oils that are premixed with water as the tradition of eucalyptus in a sauna we believe should not be broken.

The second of our saunas is also two tiers and fully pine clad. It seats 30 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 60`c mid air. The higher tier reaches temperatures of 65`c or the lower tier is at a comfortable 55`c.

You have the choice between the two saunas and their varying temperatures to have either a short burst of intense heat or to lay back and relax over a longer period of time in an atmosphere that allows you to be more conversational.

The heat of our saunas promotes you to sweat and therefore it is a great way to detoxify your body. However this process is not complete until you have cleansed yourself in one of our Aqualisa showers and then replenished yourself with fluids.

At BGHS our saunas are regularly cleaned and maintained.

For hygienic reasons we ask you to sit on your towel in both our saunas.

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