BGHS ShowersAt BGHS we have three showering areas.

We have two large fully tiled shower areas each containing thermostatically controlled powerful Aqualisa showers. Each area has a liquid soap dispenser, conveniently placed towel rails and areas to put your own toiletries.


Whether you are scrubbing or pampering yourself in preparation for your night out when you leave BGHS, these showering areas are spacious, powerful and will leave you ready to face the rest of the day.

Our third showering area is for a completely different purpose, BGHS offers a fully tiled freezing cold dump shower that maintains an average temperature of 10`c . You stand in the fully tiled shower area and press the button, freezing cold water cascades through the large shower rose over you. This is an invigorating way of cooling down quickly, increasing your circulation and strengthening your system. Not for the faint hearted though, if used properly and with care it can leave you tingling and feeling alive!

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Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

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EST. 1985

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