At BGHS we have two steam rooms.

The first of our steam rooms is built over three tiers; the top tier is wide enough to lie down for a fully enjoyable experience.

It holds 30 people and is set at a temperature of 43`c.  As you enter the steam room you will see a cold shower has been built into the wall. You can cool and refresh without removing yourself from the warmth and humidity of the steam room, extending the amount of time you can enjoy this facility.BGHS Steam Room

Our second steam room is built over two tiers, the top tier is again built wide enough to lie down upon. It holds 15 people comfortably and is set at a temperature of 43`c. It is slightly smaller in size than our first steam room. This is intentional as it allows us to give you another alternative experience when steaming. You will find that this steam room will maintain its intensity of steam at its set temperature for a longer period of time. Leave your towel on the rail provided and enter the steam room. Steam rooms are a great therapy for your air ways. The common cold bacterium breeds on dry membrane so steaming promotes an internal cleanliness.Inside BGHS Steam Room

It has also been observed that the wet heat is often found to promote easier sweating and therefore is ideal for deep pore cleansing. Your skin will radiate a new glow of healthiness if you steam and then exfoliate. We have again constructed these steam rooms to our own design. They are solidly constructed in brick specifically so the actual physical steam room walls and seating hold the temperature of the room enhancing your experience. The steam rooms are fully tiled and built with a rake to the seats, so they do not pool with water, in fact they do the opposite and continually self clean with the condensed steam.

The steam rooms at BGHS are cleaned thoroughly morning and night and throughout the day you will find us checking them, maintaining that cleanliness, and regularly spritzing them with essential oils.

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Here at Bristol Gardens Health Spa we like to think of ourselves as the modern day Roman baths.  We have over 7000 square feet of facilities, lay back in one of our hot tubs and enjoy the relaxation you deserve after a hard day’s work.  Try one of our steam rooms, fully tiled just like the Romans made them, or would you prefer the dry heat of our two pine clad saunas?  If you like the invigorating hot bubbling water of the Jacuzzi we have one for your use. Swim in our pool, meet new friends, read a magazine or get away from it all in one of our private rest rooms.  The decision is yours; there is no need to rush…..

Welcome to The UK's Premier Naturist Health Spa.

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EST. 1985

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