COVID Secure Plan

May 2021

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff has always been our number one priority. We have undergone a comprehensive risk assessment and have worked with Brighton Council’s EHL to prepare a safe return for BGHS, closely following government guidelines and PWTAG advice.

Social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning procedures are at the very heart of our approach to providing you with a safe, relaxing environment.

What WE have done to make BGHS COVID safe:

• Queuing system in place on entry to stop crowding in reception.

• NHS QR code in operation for customer details. If you do not have the app we are required to take your name and hold the details for 21 days.

• Pre booking recommended with full details of the COVID safe requirements available in advance online and via QR codes in the lobby.

• Online guided tour for new people to reduce face to face contact with staff.

• Increased cleaning of surfaces with a certified Covid-19 surface cleaner that kills on contact within 30 seconds.

• Lockers will be fully disinfected before each use and assigned just once in a day where possible.

• BGHS has used nano technology on door handles, handrails and push doors in high traffic areas.

• All locker keys will be disinfected after handling.

• All towels will be hot washed with a premium washing powder.

• Screens have been installed in the reception and kitchen area.

• We have introduced towel bags to reduce the identified risk from towels.

• New procedure for the handling of used towels, using dissolvable laundry bags.

• Regular use of fogging equipment with antiviral barrier protection chemicals and antiviral surface disinfectants.

• Introduced sanitising stations for customers throughout all areas of BGHS

• Each area throughout the building has easy access to min 70% alcohol hand sanitiser as recommended by WHO.

• We have clear signage encouraging social distancing and requesting masks are worn around the building.

• Each facility has a 50% decrease in maximum occupancy and preferred seating arrangements displayed clearly before entering.

• We have additionally reduced the overall max occupancy of the building to enable safe social distancing and allow safe access to the facilities.

• The timings of sessions have temporarily changed to allow for additional cleaning and to balance reduced capacity and demand.

We will make adjustments or relaxations of the requirements as and when we are allowed and it is safe to do so. Everything has been introduced to specifically mitigate as much risk as possible and allow us to stay open. Please respect our temporary new way of operating or we may have to close.

Anyone not following these requirements will be gently reminded and if no change in behaviour follows, they will be asked to leave without refund. Even though we have done everything we can to make BGHS safe, it is not without risk and so we reiterate government advice and do not recommend anyone who is in a high-risk category to visit BGHS just yet.

What we need YOU to do:

• DO NOT visit BGHS if you feel unwell in anyway, whether it be a COVID-19 symptom or not, or you have been in close contact with anyone who is a potential COVID-19 risk..

• Before entry to BGHS please read the welcome back written document or watch the video for details on all the changes we have made. Click the links above or use the QR code in the lobby. It is also available on our website.

• Regularly use the hand sanitiser provided and the sanitising stations in each area.

• Please wear clothes that enable quick changing as we need to limit the time you spend in this area.

• Please follow social distancing measures and the safety notices around the building. All our original rules and requirements are still valid and in place.

• Do not enter a facility if it is at max capacity. Wait away from any exit points.

• We recomend you wear a mask between facilities and when walking around the building but it is not compulsory for those who are double jabbed.

• Shower before and after using any and all facilities.

• Please respect our staff and your fellow guests and remember that not everyone will share the same views on our approach to Covid compliance, but they are required in order for us to stay open.