Staying Safe at BGHS

Welcome back to BGHS

We will initially be opening under reduced trading hours but hope to increase these as government restrictions relax. Please check our opening hours before booking. Weekends will temporarily be divided into two sessions and all guests must leave between these times. We will return to normal trading hours as soon as we can.

On arrival to BGHS you will be asked to either queue with social distancing in mind or wait in the lobby before being called to the reception desk. This maybe because the changing area is full and or someone is about to leave. Please be patient, wear a mask and use the hand sanitiser on entry.

You will be asked to either use the NHS track and trace app or leave your details with us. This information will be kept securely and destroyed after 21 days. We are GDPR compliant and will not share your data with anyone outside the track and trace system, unless legally required to do so.

Your locker and key will have been fully disinfected with a certified Covid -19 hard surface cleaner before your visit. It will already contain 2 bags and 2 towels. The first bag is a clear biodegradable carrier bag, it is for you to put your towel in when you are using a wet facility as well as for any belongings, we allow you to take into the spa, e.g. shampoo, conditioner etc. Don’t forget your mask, you should still be wearing it. The guidelines for gyms and leisure centres is to ask customers to leave their towels in their lockers but because of the naturist aspect of our spa we have had to come up with different solutions to the problem, in order to be allowed to open and for you to keep a towel with you during your stay. The second bag is a dissolvable laundry bag, again due to our unique set up we have had to be creative with our solutions. Your wet towels must be placed inside this bag and twisted shut when you leave the building. There are very specific rules on handling towels that we need to follow in order to be Covid secure, for this reason if you require more than 2 towels during your stay there will be a charge of £1 per towel. You can bring your own towel but it will need to fit inside the first bag, if you use them in the main building, so we recommend using them at the end only. We have installed hooks outside all our facilities to hang these bags so they do not present a tripping hazard. Do not leave bags on the floor! Post Covid the hooks will be a fabulous new addition for your towels which should stop that age-old question of “where’s my towel?”.

As you walk around the building you will see we have installed sanitising stations and hand sanitiser in almost every area. There are A4 notices put by every facility to explain what to do in that area, if you can’t read these notices ask a member of staff to help you. It will also inform you of the maximum occupancy allowed in each zone. In order to open, we have to operate our facilities at 50% capacity or less if social distancing rules cannot be safely maintained. Please do not enter a facility that is at capacity even if you think there is room.

You will see the notices relate to “persons” meaning one person or “bubble” – meaning 2 people that have arrived together either from the same household or bubble outside BGHS. Seating arrangements are suggested. Please use common sense and allow for social distancing. If you use a facility as a bubble please sit together to allow more room for others to social distance.

Still with me….OK… only a little more to go.

One thing I like to do is lie down in the sauna and steam rooms. This is still allowed if the room is not at max capacity and you lying down isn’t in someone else’s space, but if someone comes in please be thoughtful and make room. Just normal courtesy really!

Sadly, after waiting so long for a water fountain downstairs you will have to go old-school again and walk to reception as the face to tap scenario is not advised.We have introduced a new water station in the lounge, so no need to queue at the counter anymore.

General additional rules for downstairs are; shower before and after each facility, follow the one way system around the pool to avoid corridor dancing and don’t spend too long in each facility, (we ideally don’t want to have to practice our social distant first aid if you’ve overheated), place your towel in the bag before hanging on the hook and wear a mask, only when walking around. (Monty Python fans will be having flashbacks to a famous sketch at this point!). There is no requirement to wear a mask in the facilities, in fact it could be rather dangerous, although if you want to bring a face shield for these zones that is fine with us. Disposable replacement masks are available to buy should something happen to your own. Please dispose of them sensibly in a bin and remember to put them in your bag when not in use. We don’t want to see them on statues however funny that would be if they were clean!!

This is probably a good time to go into face coverings. The EHL officer and I did have quite a laugh at the concept of no clothes allowed apart from on your face, but funny as the concept is, there are quite specific legal requirements. A face mask is one that snugly covers your nose and mouth, a face visor is not the same thing and although you can bring one in, it doesn’t replace the need for a mask. If you are exempt then you will need to talk to us about this before you enter and we can discuss your options. Face masks need to be worn everywhere other than in the wet and thermal facilities and when you are seated with the intention of eating and drinking.

Our staff will be present as usual around the building, they will be required to wear masks and abide by social distancing rules. At times they will need to enter facilities even when they are at maximum capacity. If possible, please give them extra room.

Upstairs, you will see that every room has its own sanitising station. Please follow the directions for use and dispose of all paper towels ONLY in the bins provided. Maintain social distancing. Whilst we will continue to not over-monitor this area, we will have to close it if it becomes an area of high unacceptable risk. Please be mindful of your behaviour and that of those around you. You have the option to leave an area that is becoming crowded. We will clean this area thoroughly between sessions but it will be down to you to clean your space during your stay.

The final point to mention is getting changed. The space in this area is, as you know limited. We will attempt to give out the lockers allowing for changing in different zones but when you leave this might not work out that way, so allow extra time for changing. Masks must be worn in this area at all times. We will be limiting access to the lockers and when it has reached capacity will we operate a one in one out scenario. Please allow extra time to leave at the end of your session to take this into account. We will do an early shout out to give you plenty of time to stagger the exit. Priority will be given to those entering BGHS but we will try to be fair for all. First in first out will be introduced if we find self-management isn’t working. We reserve the right to limiting your stay to four hours if we find natural flow is not working.

As you can probably imagine there this situation is constantly evolving, so please be patient with us and our staff. We have only your best interests at heart and we all wish for the successful return of BGHS, so we promise we will tweak our procedures and perfect our processes, as we have always done, once we know more about the new temporary normal.

Welcome back! We have missed you!