Staying Safe at BGHS

As you all know, from the very beginning of this pandemic, we have always prioritised your safety and that of our staff over everything else. We have made difficult decisions at times that have thankfully, in hindsight, been absolutely the right ones and we are forever grateful of your continued support.

When the government announced the end of mandatory Covid measures it also wrote to businesses to emphasise that the responsibility was now directly on us to risk assess specifically for Covid, alongside our other risk assessments.

Businesses have been given guidelines and suggestions by government departments, councils and insurance companies on what they deem acceptable, and we have worked alongside all in our risk assessment preparations not only for Covid.

Many of the Covid measures we have been able to safely relax but having spoken to our customers and carefully listened to advice we feel the following is still the correct measures to keep in place.

Currently, if you are double vaccinated or have an NHS Covid pass then you can choose whether you wish to wear a mask at BGHS. If you are not vaccinated or can’t prove your vaccine status, then you are required to continue wearing a mask when moving around BGHS. Accepted proof will be in the form of the Vaccination card or NHS Covid pass and ID. You will only have to show this to us once.

This is for the safety of the few unvaccinated customers we have just as it is for those vaccinated. We will not tolerate any abuse on this issue and anyone who feels strongly that this isn’t their view can choose to not visit us. We promise to keep checking on the validity of mask wearing as a form of reduced transmission and adapt as and when the Covid pandemic changes course.

We are now open 6 days a week. The only day we will remain closed is Monday. We are, however, still open on Bank Holiday Mondays.

Vouchers bought during 2020 and 2021 are still valid.

Weekends will no longer be divided into two sessions so if you are visiting for the evening session you can now arrive earlier than the 17:30 start time and stay through.

There is no longer a need to book in advance to visit us.

All our staff will continue to wear facemasks, have regular LFT tests and maintain social distancing whilst working at BGHS.

All screens will remain in place at counters and our Covid cleaning regimes will stay including regular fogging, hand sanitisation and an intense cleaning schedule.

We reserve the right as a private company to refuse entry to anyone who will not wear a mask and has not had been vaccinated or appears unwell and therefore refuses to acknowledge our risk assessment on this issue.

Dissolvable laundry bags for your wet towels will remain in place and the occupancy signs outside all facilities will revert to suggested numbers, not mandatory.

We will review all these measure on a regular basis and adjust where appropriate. We will be listening to your feedback as we navigate our way back to normality.

We hope common sense will prevail when making choices but please continue to respect the fact that others may have different views.

Please do not visit BGHS if you feel unwell in any way even if you are double jabbed.

As ever, we thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.

Take care and let’s look out for each other.